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Chairman's Message

On behalf of the faculty, staff and founding Members at Impact College of Science & Technology, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our College's official website. We believe our students will be having opportunity to be a 'Scholar and a Champion' in whatever endeavour they undertake – and we are very proud of everyone's accomplishments. Our goal as educators is to support all students academically and socially. We will make every effort so all students graduate as successful and literate members of society – and be able to succeed in the increasingly complex world in which they will live and work. The incredible faculty and staff at Impact College of Science & Technology continue to encourage all students to set high goals for themselves and to reach for their dreams. ICST supports a wide array of exemplary academic, athletic, and social opportunities for all students. The mission of Impact College is to challenge and motivate each student to achieve his or her full potential as a responsible member of our diverse community. ICST offers a safe learning environment; especially for Girls, a Natural Green surrounded Campus away from Pollution and Noises, which promotes intellectual growth, health, creativity, and respect for self and others. We are proud of the accomplishments of our College and are excited to share ICST's Pride in the upcoming years. While academic achievement is very important, we also recognise the value of learning which occurs outside the classroom. We support and encourage a diverse range of sporting and cultural activities and our students achieve success at both regional and national level in a wide range of activities. We firmly believe Impact College provides an excellent educational environment for its students and welcome new enrolments or inquiries about the College.

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